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Burdened for Greater Results

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Pastor Anthony Haddad

churchPastor Anthony Haddad, the least of all saints, called to be a servant of our Lord Jesus Christ and Pastor of the Elyon Bible Church.

The mystery of this calling and election as a saint-servant became obvious when Pastor Anthony Haddad was born-again in 1993. He served under the leadership of Bishop Arthur C. Naylor throughout the years of 1993-1998, within various committees, especially within the evangelistic and outreach ministries, performing streets and door-to-door evangelism throughout the Trenton and Hamilton areas, as well as internal church operations providing leadership and vision.

In addition, Pastor Haddad taught Sunday school, small and large bible studies in seniors' centers and youth prison with families and individuals. In 1998, he was privileged to serve as an Associate Pastor/Evangelist/Outreach leader for a daughter work in Ewing, NJ under the leadership of Bishop Bruce Harvey.

In April 2000, in the fullness of time, he stepped into his pastoral calling. God gave birth to the Elyon Bible Church in Trenton, NJ. A ministry that believes in teaching, preaching and enabling all believers to live vibrantly in the gospel of Christ while accomplish great and mighty exploits in the power and demonstration of God's Spirit.

In 2010, by the leading of the Spirit of Lord, the ministry was relocated to Salem, NJ and is moving forward in influencing the community for Christ.

He is happily married to Victoria Haddad. Pastor Haddad counts it a wonderful privilege to be used by God and to lead His wonderful flock ‘the Elyon Bible Church' to our divine destiny.

Pastor Haddad is a dedicated, faithful, and compassionate man of GOD. He is a man that everyone can count on to lend a helping hand. Pastor Haddad is zealous for what he believes in and very ambitious to see the work and the family of GOD succeed. People around him respect and honor his humble spirit and strong zeal for GOD.