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Burdened for Greater Results

Congratulation to our First Lady, Victoria Haddad on the publishing of her new book "Burdened For Greater Results". [more]


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Church Activities

Mailing Address

27 Walnut Street / PO Box 22,
Salem, NJ 08079

Church History

Elyon Bible Church is a part of the United Church of Jesus Christ (Apostolic) organization, like most Pentecostal and Apostolic bodies, the Elyon Bible Church traces its history to the great revival that began in Jerusalem on the day of Pentecost, 33 AD. The twentieth century beginnings can be traced to the revival in Los Angeles, California, at 312 Azusa Street led by W.J. Seymour in 1906. From this now famous place, revival spread rapidly throughout the United States and the world.

"Elyon Bible Church of the Apostolic Faith" had its humble beginning in 1999 when the Lord inspired Pastor Tony Haddad to conduct home bible studies and street ministries in the cities of Trenton, Hamilton and Lawrenceville, NJ. During that time, about 10 people were baptized in the Name of Jesus Christ, and many were filled with the Holy Ghost. At the age of 32, being a chosen vessel, the Lord’s vision rest heavily upon Pastor Haddad day after day until he could not resist it anymore.

It was then, on April, 5th 2000, that he and his family started the church in their home.

As Pastor Haddad continued to preach the Apostolic Doctrine, the crowd outgrew the house, and they congregated in a High School Auditorium.

Recognizing the sincerity of the saints, the Lord provided a sanctuary in which they could worship. Fourteen years later the Lord continued to add to the church daily such as should be saved.

Pastor Haddad continues to preach the Apostolic Doctrine and the Lord has shown his approval by adding to the church

We solicit your prayers that the Lord will continue to be pleased with our service and dedication to him.


Worship Place & Time


27 Walnut Street,
Salem, NJ 08079


Sunday School(Sunday Morning @ 10:00 AM)

Sunday Morning Worship Service (11:00 AM)

Sunday Evening Service (6:00 PM)

Bible Study (Wednesday Evening @ 7:30 PM)

Friday Evening Service (7:30 PM)


Education Programs

Elyon Bible Church Sunday School Department is dedicated to the education of our teachers, parents, students, and ministry. We are reaching out beyond our Children's Ministry Department. We want to minister to the whole family.

Sunday school starts at 10AM every Sunday morning and over at 11AM.